IMMUNOMETABOLISM A special issue of the scientific journal  “Viruses” on “Viruses and cellular metabolism”. Rather specialistic, [...]

Innate immunity, ILCs and NK cells

For those interested, a relevant course taught at Intitute Pasteur in Paris, France, next year May 4-20: A related MOOC from [...]

VIROLOGY podcasts (“this week in Virology”; TWiV) about the basics of Virology: structure, classification, entry, genomes, genome replication, transcription, translation. [...]


Annu Rev Immunol.2018 Apr 26;36:667-694. doi: 10.1146/annurev-immunol-042617-053309. “RIG-I and Other RNA Sensors in Antiviral Immunity.” “Innate Immune Evasion by Human Respiratory RNA Viruses.” [...]

VIROLOGY A Virology lecture series on YouTube by Vincent Racaniello (spring 2019) on the very basics of Virology, Virological techniques, etc, including pdf’s of the slides [...]