Hard times Mihai Sularea   I am living in history, the kind history that will be written about and wondered about; and I wonder now, what will I tell my grandchildren about what life [...]

Days behind the walls

  Days behind the walls Julija Mazej   When the first news about the new coronavirus in China broke, I was occupied with my project in Rome and had, admittedly few concerns about the [...]

Lockdown in Athens.

  Lockdown in Athens Magdalini Alexandridi   The first Covid-19 patients in Italy were detected at the end of January 2020. Although we all knew about the viral outbreak that had [...]

“When the craic is over”

  “When the craic is over” Hauke Weiß   The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has changed the life of almost every person on the planet. In Dublin, restrictions of public life have been tight [...]