A list of our publications:

Bridging the gap - a new role for STAT3 in TLR4-mediated metabolic reprogramming

Hauke J Weiss and Luke Aj O’Neill

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Detection of Viral Infections by Innate Immunity

Michael Carty, Coralie Guy, Andrew G Bowie Biochem Pharmacol. 2021 Jan;183:114316.

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Dengue Virus Targets Nrf2 for NS2B3-Mediated Degradation Leading to Enhanced Oxidative Stress and Viral Replication

Matteo Ferrari, Alessandra Zevini, Enrico Palermo, Michela Muscolini, Magdalini Alexandridi, Marilena P Etna, Eliana M Coccia, Ana Fernandez-Sesma, Carolyn Coyne, Donna D Zhang, Ernesto T A Marques, David Olagnier, John Hiscott

J Virol. 2020 Nov 23;94(24):e01551-20

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SARS-CoV2-mediated suppression of NRF2-signaling reveals potent antiviral and anti-inflammatory activity of 4-octyl-itaconate and dimethyl fumarate

David Olagnier, John Hiscott et al

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Dengue virus infection and Nrf2 regulation of oxidative stress

Alessandra Zevini, Matteo Ferrari, David Olagnier, John Hiscott

Current Opinion in Virology. Volume 43, August 2020, p35-40

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Genomic epidemiology of superspreading events in Austria reveals mutational dynamics and transmission properties of SARS-CoV-2

Alexandra Popa, Zsofia Keszei, et al and Andreas Bergthaler

Sci Transl Med. 2020 Nov 23:eabe2555. doi: 10.1126/scitranslmed.abe2555

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Metabolite Transporters as Regulators of Immunity

Hauke J. Weiss and Stefano Angiari
Metabolites 2020, 10(10), 418

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100 days of solitude: The spring of COVID-19 through the eyes of 15 young virologists of the INITIATE program

Zsofia Keszei, Xavier Martinez Vendrell, Maria Soultsioti, Pau Ribo Molina, Lorenz Wirth, Hauke Weiss, Magdalini Alexandridi, Chiara Aloise, Balasubramanian Susma, Coralie Guy, Adriana Loverre, Sonia Marquez Martinez, Julija Mazej, Alix Spahn, Mihai Sularea, John Hiscott, Bernadette van den Hoogen
Virus Res. 2020 Volume 287, 198093

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Immunometabolism pathways as the basis for innovative anti-viral strategies (INITIATE): A Marie Sklodowska-Curie innovative training network

Bernadette van den Hoogen, Angela Santoni, Giuseppe Sciumé, Andrew Bowie,Cliona O’Farrelly, Luke O’Neill, Marit Anthonsen, Katerina Pardali, Simon Young, Andreas Bergthaler, Nicolas Manel, Roland Zahn, Marjolein Kikkert, Eric Snijder,Frank van Kuppeveld, Ron Fouchier, John Hiscott
Virus Res. 2020 Oct 2; 287: 198094.

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The global impact of the coronavirus pandemic

John Hiscott, Magdalini Alexandridi, Michela Muscolini, Evelyne Tassone, Enrico Palermo, Maria Soultsioti, Alessandra Zevini
Cytokine Growth Factor Rev. 2020 Jun; 53:1-9

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Dissecting distinct proteolytic activities of FMDV Lpro implicates cleavage and degradation of RLR signaling proteins, not its deISGylase/DUB activity, in type I interferon suppression.

Visser, L. J., Aloise, C., Swatek, K. N., Medina, G. N., Olek, K. M., Rabouw, H. H., de Groot, R. J., Langereis, M. A., de Los Santos, T., Komander, D., Skern, T., & van Kuppeveld, F. J. M.

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