INITIATE will hold its Kick-off Meeting on January 20th-24th, 2020 in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. This meeting brings together all participants of INITIATE in a week of workshops, training, and networking.

Workshops of the INITIATE Kick-off Meeting are open to the public. Below please find a schedule of these times, as well as information regarding fees for attendance.



INITIATE is a European training network on Antiviral Immunometabolism

The workshops of the network are open for PhD and MSc students. (information on course fees below)



January 21 12:45- 17:00     workshop Virology

January 22 08:30-17:15      workshop Innate immunity and Immunometabolism



Erasmus MC, Room Ae-406



Prof. Fouchier, ErasmusMC, Rotterdam                    Prof. Bowie, Trinity College Dublin

Prof. Garcia-Sastre, Mount Sinai, NY                          Dr. Manel, Stimunity, Paris

Prof. O’Neill,  Trinity College Dublin                             Prof. Santoni, Institute Pasteur, Rome

Prof. Hiscott, Institute Pasteur, Rome                       Prof. O’Farrelly, Trinity College Dublin

Prof. Snijder, LUMC, Leiden                                           Dr. Kikkert, LUMC, Leiden

Prof. van Kuppeveld, University Utrecht                    Prof. Anthonsen, NTNU, Trondheim

Dr. van den Hoogen, ErasmusMC, Rotterdam          Dr. Bergthaler, CeMM, Vienna



Maximal participants: 30


(first come first serve)

Deadline: January 15th 2020


Course fees 

For non-commercial participants the course fee  €300

Discounts: PhD and MSc students get a 50% discount and pay €150.




Tuesday January 21st 2020

Workshop on Virology

12:45    Prof. E. Snijder, LUMC, Leiden, The Netherlands

Introduction to the Virology Workshop

13:30    Prof. R. Fouchier, EMC, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Influenza viruses: host promiscuity

14:15    Prof. F. van Kuppeveld, Universtiy Utrecht, The Netherlands

Molecular and cellular aspects of picornavirus replication

15:00    Coffee

15:15    Prof. E. Snijder LUMC, Leiden, The Netherlands

Coronaviruses: why size matters after all…

16:00    Dr. B. van den Hoogen, EMC, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

The Pneumoviridae: the (dis)similarities  between family members

16:45    Roundtable Discussions


Wednesday January 22nd 2020

Workshop on antiviral immunometabolism

8:30      Prof. J. Hiscott, Institute Pasteur, Rome, Italy

Introduction to Innate  Immunity and Metabolics workshop

8:45      Prof. A .Santoni, Institute Pasteur, Rome, Italy

Role of Innate lymphoid/NK cells in resistance against viral infections

9:30      Prof. A. Bowie, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

Detecting pathogens, deciphering pathways and defining paradigms in innate immunity

10:15    Coffee

10:30    Dr. M. Kikkert, LUMC, Leiden, The Netherlands

Type I IFN signaling pathway: getting to the antiviral state

11:15    Prof. M. Anthonsen, NTNU, Trondheim, Norway

Peroxisomes and type III IFNs

12:00    Prof. A. Garcia-Sastre, Mount Sinai, NY, USA

Viral interferon antagonism and host tropism

12:45    Lunch

13:15    Prof. C. O’Farrelly, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

Understanding innate immune detection and responses in the context of virus-resistant individuals

14:45    Dr. N. Manel, Stimunity Paris, France

From mechanisms of antiviral innate immune sensing to new immunomodulating drugs

14:00    Prof. L. O’Neill, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

Immunometabolism at the heart of innate immunity and inflammation

15:30    Coffee

15:45    Prof. J. Hiscott, Institute Pasteur, Rome, Italy

Oxidative stress and immunometabolism in the context of virus infections

16:30    Prof. A. Bergthaler CeMM, Vienna, Austria

Systemic immunometabolism in viral infection