Kick-Off meeting Rotterdam

The INITIATE Kick-off Meeting was held on January 20th-24th, 2020 in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. This meeting brought together all participants of INITIATE in a week of workshops, training, and networking.

Workshops of the INITIATE Kick-off Meeting were open to the public.




Prof. Fouchier, ErasmusMC, Rotterdam                    Prof. Bowie, Trinity College Dublin

Prof. Garcia-Sastre, Mount Sinai, NY                          Dr. Manel, Stimunity, Paris

Prof. O’Neill,  Trinity College Dublin                             Prof. Santoni, Institute Pasteur, Rome

Prof. Hiscott, Institute Pasteur, Rome                       Prof. O’Farrelly, Trinity College Dublin

Prof. Snijder, LUMC, Leiden                                           Dr. Kikkert, LUMC, Leiden

Prof. van Kuppeveld, University Utrecht                    Prof. Anthonsen, NTNU, Trondheim

Dr. van den Hoogen, ErasmusMC, Rotterdam          Dr. Bergthaler, CeMM, Vienna