The COVID-19 outbreak is what we call a wicked problem. It is highly complex, characterized by factual uncertainty, while values are in dispute and the stakes are high. Although wicked problems cannot be ‘solved’ with a straightforward solution, they can be addressed in a more appropriate way by involving a broad variety of people and perspectives in reflection, learning and decision-making. Public engagement offers a means to accomplish this. But what should public engagement look like in response to this complex societal issue that is so urgent? What are the issues that need to be addressed? Which values are at stake? Whose voice matters? And how can public engagement be organized in a fair and effective way in when rapid response is required?


Joining us to share their expertise: dr. Carina Pittens, Assistant Professor Patient Involvement, on COVID-19 care. Lidewij Eva Vat, Research Associate Patient and Public Engagement, on COVID-19 research. Sophie Kemper, PhD Candidate RIVM, on outbreak management.
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