STIMUNITY, Paris, France

Stimunity is a startup company directed by Sylvain Carlioz, CEO, and located in Paris. The company exploits an exclusive license on patents from Institut Curie, INSERM and Oxford University on a [...]

AstraZeneca, Gothenburg, Sweden

AstraZeneca is a major research-intensive Pharmaceutical company with a substantial proportion and commitment of its R&D facilities in Sweden. The IMED Respiratory, Inflammation and [...]

Istituto Pasteur-Rome, Italy

Instituto Pasteur is a private non-profit biomedical research organization and member of the International Pasteur network that links 33 global Pasteur Institutes. Instituto Pasteur Italia is [...]

University of Utrecht, the Netherlands

Research at the Virology Division of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of Utrecht University focuses on coronaviruses (e.g. MERS-CoV, PEDV, FIPV, and other animal CoVs); picornaviruses (e.g. [...]

LUMC, Leiden, The Netherlands

LUMC is a world-class academic hospital with a strong focus on scientific research. The LUMC Dept. of Medical Microbiology has coordinated and participated in many EC-funded research projects on [...]

Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

Trinity College Dublin is the top ranked University in Ireland. Immunology is one of the priority research themes in TCD, and activity within the School of Biochemistry and Immunology very [...]