LUMC is a world-class academic hospital with a strong focus on scientific research. The LUMC Dept. of Medical Microbiology has coordinated and participated in many EC-funded research projects on (emerging) RNA viruses and antiviral drug discovery, has hosted ESRs from Marie Curie ETNs EUVIRNA and VACTRAIN and is currently hosting ESRs from ETN ANTIVIRALS. The Molecular Virology laboratory of the Department of Medical Microbiology is embedded in the LUMC Center of Infectious Diseases, and the Immunity, Infection and Tolerance research profile. The lab includes about 7 PhD candidates, several postdocs and technicians and numerous undergraduate students. The group focuses on the fundamentals of RNA virus replication (predominantly coronaviruses, arteriviruses, alphaviruses and flaviviruses) and the interaction with their hosts, but is also engaged in more translational research into novel vaccine options and antiviral therapeutics.

PI: Prof. E. Snijder
Early Stage Researcher: Maria Soultsioti

PI: Dr. M. Kikkert
Early Stage Researcher: Xavier Martinez Vendrells

Website: www.LUMC.NL