Trinity College Dublin is the top ranked University in Ireland. Immunology is one of the priority research themes in TCD, and activity within the School of Biochemistry and Immunology very significantly contributes to the ranking of Ireland as 2nd in the world for Immunology research. The School has a global reputation for research in innate immunity, viral sensing and more recently immunometabolism (, and is part of the Trinity Biomedical Sciences Institute ( Expertise in postgraduate training is reflected in the fact that the School runs the only dedicated MSc in Immunology in Ireland, and has approx. 80 PhD students in training at any one time. The TCD research groups thus provide an excellent training environment for PhD students wanting to work at the cutting edge of Immunology research.

PI: Prof. Bowie
Early Stage Researcher: Coralie Guy

PI: Prof. O’Neill
Early Stage Researcher: Hauke Weiss

PI: Prof. O’Farrelly
Early Stage Researcher: Mihai Sularea