Viral strategies that modulate the host immune and metabolic pathways(ErasmusMC, The Netherlands; Trinity College Dublin, Ireland; LUMC, The Netherlands; Istituto Pasteur, Italy)

ESR Project 5

The impact of Influenza virus and Pneumovirus proteins on immunometabolism pathways.(ErasmusMC, Rotterdam, The Netherlands; Supervisor: R. Fouchier; Early Stage Researcher, TBA (add once Early [...]

ESR Project 6

The effect of Pneumovirus and Influenzavirus components on innate immune cell metabolism. (Trinity College Dublin, Ireland; Supervisor: L. O’Neill; Early Stage Researcher, TBA (add once Early [...]

ESR Project 7

The role of Pneumovirus infections in regulation of MAVS signalling and its effect on innate and immunometabolism pathways. (ErasmusMC, Rotterdam, The Netherlands; Supervisor: B. van den Hoogen; [...]

ESR Project 8

The role of Picorna-and Coronavirus proteases in manipulating cellular protein metabolism and innate immunity. (LUMC, Leiden, The Netherlands; Supervisor: M. Kikkert; Early Stage Researcher, TBA [...]

ESR Project 9

The effect of Influenza virus infection on NrF2 activation of the oxidative stress response. (Instituto Pasteur, Rome, Italy; Supervisor: J. Hiscot; Early Stage Researcher, TBA (add once Early [...]